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2021: result

I am not a Mundane Astrologer and unfortunately cannot yet give accurate interpretations in the context of world processes. I am identifying themes that will be most relevant and important along the year. But I am aware that these themes are very broad and general. In this post, I want to summarize what happened in 2021 and document some of the most important events in my opinion.

👁Social movements, riots, revolutions won’t disappear in 2021. We’ll probably witness even more of the social and political instability. Now a new shape of global order is being constructed.

The year began with an attempted takeover of the Capitol, something that seems to have never happened in the U.S. history. In Russia there were the arrest of Navalny, a video about Putin’s palace, and mass protests in winter. In Myanmar, a coup and a bloody crackdown on protests. Very bloody. Across Europe – anti-covid protests.
But most importantly, there were tensions on the border with Ukraine, threatening the first war in Europe in many years. And what’s even worse, the possibility of a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO. Russia’s ultimatum to NATO on security guarantees inaugurates a re-division of the world order.

Add to this the disaster of the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan and Taliban coming to power. This event will directly influence the entire geo-political layout of the world in the future.

The creation of AUKUS and a new phase of strained U.S.-China relations.

👁Either a deep global financial crisis will begin in 2021 or some events leading to it will happen. Anyway, markets will be very unstable and finances will be one of the main topics this year.

It started with a flash mob of amateur traders on Reddit, who outplayed the big hedge funds. Of course, the latter have all bounced back, but a precedent has been set. In addition, this is a clear demonstration of how popular trading has become among amateurs, and this is a bad sign.

Cryptocurrencies, which are perceived by many as backup in the impending financial crisis, started to gain mass acceptance. However, I don’t think these hopes will come true and cryptocurrencies will collapse along with everything else.

Inflation is rising, and real inflation is rising even more. Along with inflation, stock markets are rising with unprecedented infusions (very often through amateurs, which is a very bad sign again).
To this we can add the crazy rise in gas prices and the ongoing Container Crisis.

The financial system is in extreme tumult, but has been holding up so far. There is no visible crisis in 2021, but that’s only for now.

👁Online reality. You might be tired to hear from me that the Internet is a new reality and therefore we should be very careful. Which in 2021 leaders will understand and start taking actions. We can expect the discussion on the fundamental basis of the Internet, attempts to cast onto it some legal form, deanonymization, processes against Internet monopolists. The system starts to conquer the Online.

Defi and Blockchain technology came out of the twilight into the mass consciousness together with discussions of how to regulate them.

The number of vulnerabilities and cyber threats reached unprecedented proportions, and several major threats occurred during the year – the last one affected the entire Internet (Log4j).

Facebook, Whatsapp, and Instagram also experienced the biggest multi-hour outages, dragging everyone else down with them.

Facebook renamed itself into Meta and entered the race to create the first Meta universe (I think we can expect Meta universe when Uranus moves into Gemini).

The champion of Internet regulation is Russia. Russia has prepared all necessary technical equipment for blocking any resources and creating an analogue of the Chinese Firewall. They have already blocked Tor and many VPN-services, obliged all major Internet companies who work with Russian-speaking audience to have a representative office in Russia, and hit Google and others with huge fines.

But the most important event, in my opinion, happened in the U.S. at the beginning of the year. We are talking, of course, about the banning of Trump and the blocking of Parler. First of all, it is hard to believe that any social network would dare to ban the President of the United States, for whom 74 million Americans voted. Second, the consolidated destruction of Parler, an alternative social network to Twitter, where Trump’s supporters may have gone, by Big Tech is very interesting. This is an unprecedented event that is yet to show its full significance

👁Coronavirus will stop being the main subject in our life from the middle of the year. So we can expect re-opening borders and canceling restrictions.

It didn’t quite happen. The coronavirus remained an important part of the information space. Borders did open, and restrictions were generally lifted, but mostly for the vaccinated only. (33)

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