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2021 will be almost as intense as 2020. But it may feel milder.

Let’s use symbolic language of numerology to understand the essence of these years.

2+0+2+0 = 4
First comes materialisation, a rigid form – very difficult, rough, intense, sharp, claustrophobic. An obstacle, but also an impulse for development.

2+0+2+1 = 5
Overcoming the inertness of matter (created by number 4), its enlivening. The first creative manifestation of the form. The ingenuity.

In 2021 we will work with all the mess that happened in 2020. There still will be many events but it’ll be more clear what to do and we’ll be able to breathe freely.


So, key topics: social, political and financial transformation, online reality.
2020 has launched a few important cycles. So now we can see the transformation itself.

👁Social movements, riots, revolutions won’t disappear in 2021. We’ll probably witness even more of the social and political instability.
Now a new shape of global order is being constructed.

👁Either a deep global financial crisis will begin in 2021 or some events leading to it will happen. Anyway, markets will be very unstable and finances will be one of the main topics this year.

Time to work on your personal financial culture and be prepared for the storm.

👁Online reality.
You might be tired to hear from me that the Internet is a new reality and therefore we should be very careful. Which in 2021 leaders will understand and start taking actions. We can expect the discussion on the fundamental basis of the Internet, attempts to cast onto it some legal form, deanonymization, processes against Internet monopolists.
The system starts to conquer the Online.

Time to finally begin learning how apps, Internet, cookies, etc work.
And get your cyber life in order.

👁Coronavirus will stop being the main subject in our life from the middle of the year. So we can expect re-opening borders and canceling restrictions.

In general 2021 is a year for creatively constructing a new world and your place in that world. The beginning, middle and the end of the year are going to be the most intense.

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