Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Today is a special day — a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Air sign. This conjunction begins a new cycle in human history.

Our society will spend the next two hundred years in spirit of air element. The next two thousands years our world will live under the guidance of Aquarius.

Today is a symbolic day. Tomorrow we won’t wake up in a New reality. In all likelihood we will never wake up in a new reality, because seeing transformation from inside is quite problematic. But if we look back and compare our world nowadays even to 2019 — we will not only see the directions of future changes but already the changes themselves.

From today the speed of transformation increases. I think already in one year the world will look very differently compared to 2019.

The full transformation of the world’s style into Air will take around 20 years — the time Jupiter and Saturn need to meet again in the next conjunction.

Transformation is always intense, painful and hard. The Old world will fight with the New one. And this fight will be cruel. Jobs will be lost, many people will struggle. We will have a powerful and deep global economical crisis. Many people will die — a new wave of revolutions and riots is coming. Redistribution of power and property. New ideology and dogma will come to unite all humanity. What should we do if we disagree with that ideology — difficult to answer.

Many astrologers know the shape of a New world. They’ve known it since long before. But not a single astrologer can tell you whether we are going into a better world or not. Because we see the map, the shape, the image — but it’s up to us, to our level of consciousness which world we are going to build in that image.

The time for delegating power has passed. From this day forward we all have power. And we all are responsible for the world we live in. Everyone.

So let’s not waste time and let’s start creating a better world from today.
First mission — get your own life in order.

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