Astrology of Aquarius Era
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That’s me, a bit tired of 2020 but still excited, looking at you from that photo.

My name is A.
I’m a practicing astrologer, which means I use astrology to solve problems. I consult people and speak only about the things I’ve tried on practice.

My path to astrology was long and not easy.
Astrology literally changed my life. From deep understanding of myself and the world around to practical tools which help to live more effectively, happily and successfully and always be one step ahead the fate.

Since astrology is so helpful to me and my surroundings I believe it could be helpful to everyone else.

That’s why I’ve created Sagittarius & Pluto — a space to introduce astrology to other people. To show that it’s a super-helpful tool, that everyone can use (and you don’t need to wear crystals, draw mandalas or sing mantras for that).

I share my knowledge, avoiding spiritual abrakadabra, because I believe astrology is much closer to science rather than superstitions and New Edge.

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