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Astro Forecast: Mercury turns retrograde

Tomorrow poor Mercury turns retrograde.
Poor because on one hand it is in Conjunction with Saturn, which slows, restricts, and deepens, and on the other hand it is in Square aspect to highly unstable Uranus which is changing its direction these days.

So all traditional Mercurian themes like communication, learning, moving/travelling, contracting, shopping, everything digital and technology have an increased risk of accidents, malfunctions, misunderstandings and mistakes.

This time is simply intense and dangerously explosive.

The solution: a cool head and an in-depth study of the issues that arise. Not superficial, but in-depth, i.e. trying to understand the real causes of what is happening, not just its consequences.

Around January 22 the Mercurian vibe changes, Saturn and Uranus being replaced by Stellium (i.e. multiple Conjunction) with Pluto and the Sun. And then on 26/01, Mercury retrograde moves from Aquarius back to Capricorn. This adds even more retrograde and a sense of going back in time. After gaining Aquarius insights and setting up plans for the future, we’ll need to get back to dealing with pressing and very practical matters. The conjunction with Pluto is sure to remind us of our various sins and debts that need to be repaid or corrected. It is best not to argue with Pluto, and instead take the opportunity to tie the loose ends in Mercurian matters.

Mercury will be retrograde until 4.02, but its retrograde tail stretches into mid-February, when Mercury, after another conjunction with Pluto, returns to Aquarius.

Mercury retrograde is such a hackneyed topic that you already know what to do and what to wait for. If you don’t know, here’s a little memo.

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