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Astroforecasts for Taurus season 2022

A new series of astroforecasts as part of the Great Astrological Journey, in which the Sun as a big cosmic clock is counting down the Zodiacal time.

The Taurus season began on April 20 and will continue through to May 21.
What is Taurus about this year?

Stellium in Pisces

Taurus begins while the theme of Pisces continues.
On April 27, there is a powerful Stellium of Venus, Neptune, Jupiter, and the Moon in Pisces. Not to forget that Mars, the planet of force and action, is also moving through Pisces.

I wrote about an overladen Pisces here. Now I want to add that Venus will allow for a sensual and aesthetic appreciation of the depth, subtlety, and fullness of Pisces. This is the time to understand the concept of Beauty as a spiritual category, and Love as a fundamental cosmic force. In my opinion, these are the days to truly celebrate St. Valentine’s Day (the legend of which is very much Neptune, Jupiter, and, of course, Venus in Pisces).

But at a low level, especially in the sphere of relationships or personal finances – the risk of illusions, self-deception, fantasies detached from reality, addiction, heightened emotionality, and hysteria increases.

In fact, an epochal cosmic event occurred on April 12, when the two rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune, conjugated at their home sign. This happens once during the entire 165-year cycle of Neptune around the Sun. Jupiter and Neptune are macrosocial and сosmic-level planets. This is sort of a mystical psychedelic trip of the Social Subconsciousness. Its manifestations are primarily noticeable in global processes. But stellium with Venus makes it possible to perceive this epochalism at the individual level, at the level of feelings and aesthetics available to each of us.

The aspect will be active from about April 25 to May 2-3

Eclipse gateway

The key event of the Taurus season already up for a feel is the eclipse gateway. Accompanied by no aspects of one’s natal chart, eclipses do not play a fateful role in one’s life, but they do create a specific psychological and emotional backdrop. They also serve as a quintessence of the evolving processes symbolised by Moon Nodes (more on this in my annual forecast).
In global processes, however, eclipses are powerful triggers. This eclipse gateway is the first on the Taurus-Scorpio resource axis. This is the time when we can expect the appearance of crises in the economy, agriculture, energy resources and finances, as well as the escalation of ethical and ideological contradictions. In general, we have been observing all this since January, but in the eclipse gateway, we should expect aggravation and fateful decisions (although, the public may very well be left unaware given the overladen Pisces which symbolise secrets and mysteries).

The whole surprise of this eclipse gateway is that it passes in conjunction with Uranus, the most unpredictable planet, the symbol of suddenness, fulmenancy, explosiveness and totality. There is an increased risk of out-of-the-ordinary situations, dangerous accidents and general tension. A solar eclipse on April 30 is like living near a dormant volcano that may awaken at any moment. It’s better to at least mentally prepare ourselves for unpredictability and chaos, especially in matters building our sense of stability.

The eclipse gateway is set against the background of Saturn squaring the Moon Nodes. I think this will lend a special severity and hardness to the evolving processes and the long-term manifestation of their effects, but it will also keep them within certain limits without letting Uranus run rampant.

30.04 Sun Eclipse
16.05 Moon eclipse

Jupiter enters Aries

Jupiter, the planet of the Social Subconscious, law, and social archetypes, is moving into Aries, where it will stay until the end of October, and then briefly return to Pisces (apparently to finish the unsolved Subtle work).

Jupiter’s transition is an important event. The Aries archetype is strengthened and the style of the Social Subconscious is changing. There will be more fire, directness, unambiguity, and action. The energy will increase and the number of energy streams will rise.

The Social Subconscious, having gone through an extremely mystical, subtle, emotional, mysterious process, is coming out into the sunlight with a whole new spiritual and psychological experience. This is the morning after an Ayahuasca ceremony or a holotropic breathing session, when the boundaries of perception are expanded and a deep mystical insight is received, and the heightened energy that has emerged from the essential restructuring of the psyche demands its manifestation in the world. This will reveal itself fully after May 25, when Mars will move to Aries, with only Neptune remaining in Pisces.
Jupiter moving into Aries marks the beginning of a new 12-year cycle of Jupiter in the zodiacal circle.

Venus enters Aries

On May 2, Venus, which symbolises the principle of perception, aesthetics, and love, also moves into Aries. This is traditionally a time of ardent love affairs and that special “spring excitement”, when everything around us blooms and exudes an alluring fragrance. It is the powerful energy stream of Aries that impacts the subtle receptors of our perception. This year, however, all of these dazzling springtime joys will be tainted a bit by the eclipse gateway.

Mercury in Gemini becomes retrograde

On April 30 Mercury moves to Gemini. And on May 10, Mercury turns retrograde. Usually retrograde Mercury is easy in its home in Gemini, but on May 23 Mercury returns to Taurus. I think in Taurus we’ll feel the full weight of Mercury’s retrograde. Mercury stays retrograde until June 3.

Conjunctions Venus-Chiron in Aries, Mars-Neptune in Pisces

On May 15th nigh on the Moon Eclipse, Venus will precisely conjugate Chiron, and Mars – Neptune. An utterly curious time relationship-wise. But more on that later.


20.04 Sun in Taurus
25.04.22 – 02.05 Venus, Neptune, Jupiter (and later the Moon) – Stellium in Pisces
30.04 Sun eclipse opens an eclipse gateway
30.04 Mercury enters Gemini
02.05 Venus enters Aries
04.05 Conjunction Sun-Uranus
10.05 Mercury Retrograde
11.05 Jupiter enters Aries
15.05 Conjunction Venus-Chiron in Aries
16.05 Moon Eclipse
17.05 Conjunction Mars-Neptune in Pisces
19.05 Trine Sun-Pluto
21.05 Sun in Gemini

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