Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Astrology was born out of observation

Astrology was born out of observation of stars. Our ancestors looked at the sky and noticed a connection between their lives and stars.

The way we learn astrology now is way different. We look at mobile screens instead of stars. We read what we shouldn’t do at retrograde Mercury but we don’t understand why it comes so often. We know that Sagittarius is positive and Cancer is sensitive but do we really know what it means? We try to learn astrology mentally.
“New Moon in Virgo is a time for making order in your life...”
But where is the space for observation? For essential understanding of deep processes?

Astrology is an incredibly powerful language for describing very subtle parts of our world. But will we learn this language by repeating someone else’s words?

Astrology is difficult. We can’t avoid learning the system by books. But we need to make space for our own observations, to really understand it, not just know it mentally.

New Moon in Virgo? Great.
How do you feel it? Have you noticed any changes in your body or mental state? Do you feel more energetic compared to last few days?

Find a few minutes to listen to yourself. Do not meditate, simply observe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your state, your surroundings. Continue your observations until the Full Moon and then till the last quarter, and then till the next New Moon. And the New Moon after that.

The knowledge you can get from that observation is much more helpful than reading another post about “detailed New Moon in Virgo” or “active Full Moon in Aries”.

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