Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Basic points about Astrology

Nowadays we can find more and more information about Astrology on the Internet. But before going deep into the topic it can be useful to know some basics about that system to avoid misunderstanding, superstitions and mistakes.

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Symbolic system

Astrology is a symbolic system that explores the connection between the sky and our lives. It is an objective view on a subjective perception.

Astrology comes from the idea of synchronicity: the reality is nondual and cosmos represents our inner worlds. That means we shouldn’t look for a physical influence of planets on our lives, planets don’t send any specific energy which somehow affects us. They just SYMBOLIZE the processes we are going through on Earth.

Theoretically we could build a symbolic system capable of helping us understand ourselves better based on everything: coffee grounds, bird movements, water reflections, daily events. And some of us actually do that.

A very important benefit of Astrology is that it’s based on cycles of planets, which move very slowly. It gives an opportunity to observe the movement for centuries and pass on the knowledge from generation to generation.
That’s why Astrology as a system is so powerful — it accumulates centuries of wisdom.

Different systems

There are many astrological systems which explore different parts of our world: Personal astrology, Transit astrology, Predictive, Primary, Mundane, Financial and many others. Some of them are built well (like Personal astrology), some of them — not (like Predictive astrology). Understanding the difference between systems is very important.

We shouldn’t mix the symbolic languages of different systems. Separate pieces of information don’t work well without the whole concept. If we take a part from one system and try to apply it to another one, we will just get a mess.

For example, in Personal astrology Sun symbolizes will and in Financial astrology Sun represents gold. If we try to interpret Sun as gold in Personal astrology, we will get confused. It’s even worse if we try to interpret Sun as personal will in Financial astrology instead of seeing it as golden standart of all values.

That’s why when we read something about Astrology, it’s necessary to understand: which system it comes from. Most of the time the information we can find on the Internet is just an imprecise retelling, and authors themselves are not aware of what system they use — it’s just one big messy ASTROLOGY (whatever it means).

This approach could work in Pisces Era with its huge space for abstraction and intangibility, when astrology was a piece of art in the hands of a Master. But Aquarius requires accuracy and precision.

Focus of Astrology

Realize the limits of astrology. Astrology ALWAYS looks at the subject and cannot be the subject itself (unless we explore the history of astrology).

That means that we always look THROUGHT the astrological system AT the subject. And we need to know the subject itself very well.

If it’s Mundane astrology which explores the global processes, then first we need to understand the global history, society, and politics. If it’s Financial astrology, then we need to know the financial markets and economic principles. If it’s Personal astrology, then we need to know the person. We can’t just build a natal chart and start getting infinite knowledge. Natal chart is a map but we should understand of what this map exactly is.

That’s why it’s better to not take seriously any Astrologers who can read your natal chart without talking to you. In such a case the most you can get is very general things you already know.

A good Astrologer always keeps hand on the pulse and is aware of every part of human life and other subjects they explore.

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