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Chiron – Trine – Mars

“It is impossible to overcome passion, aggression, and ignorance with a long face. We have to cheer up. When you begin to see yourself fully and thoroughly, then you discover your sense of humor. It is not the same as telling bad jokes. Humor here is natural joy, the joy of reality.”

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


Yule itself began quite harsh, murky and unclear. Retrograde Plutonic Venus was highlighted by the opposition of the Moon – you could feel that heavy aspect on the Winter Solstice Day with your skin.

In my case, some long-forgotten themes and archetypes related to social interactions were actualized. And the actualization was very Plutonic – categorical and forcible, leaving no free space.

Yule continues, and magic spills through the air, changing the atmosphere. You can already feel some relief and harmonization now – it’s Chiron’s Trine to Mars getting more and more accurate (the most accurate aspect will be on 25/12).

In general, the Trine aspect is about compensation, help, harmonization, luck, fortune, and magic. Therefore, above all, you can feel support. At this time, it is very useful to act unconventionally, to find new unusual approaches and solutions, to be able to change the angle of view and look at things (and situations) from the other side. If Retrograde Plutonic Venus has a motto: less is better. Then Trine Chiron to Mars has the motto: act original (and you’ll be covered).

This applies to all Mars-related themes: work, energy, passion, ambitions, drive, sexuality, competitions, sports, exercises. Mars is moving through Sagittarius, so the practice of taking a broad view of your life and being aware of your global movement and life mission can continue, or better yet, start putting it into actions.

Quite an original, Chiron’s got a very subtle sense of humour. If you suddenly catch the irony of fate or specific joking tone of situation, then know – you are on the right track, keep moving.

This aspect is very helpful in working through themes of retrograde Venus. Mars and Venus are symbolically connected. The most important is to be able to laugh, change yourself and break repeating patterns and habits. (32)

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