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We want to find the ultimate concepts and instruments which work in every situation in life.

“Always be strong and follow your dream”.
“Work hard and success will come to you”
“Don’t limit yourself”

But the reality is different.
It’s like a river, a stream, all the time changing.

All our attempts to find the ultimate solution is an attempt to stop the world, freeze the reality and transform it into stone — that’s not gonna work.

There is no correct or wrong tool.
There are correct or wrong tools in certain situations.

Sometimes its better to be active and strong, sometimes listening and adapting. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture, sometimes focus on the details. Sometimes we have to concentrate a lot and be highly disciplined, but sometimes we should be free and open-minded.

When we find a good solution we feel a temptation to call it absolute. And we start using it everywhere. But the same behavior, same skills and ideas in a different situation may have the opposite effect.

Because it’s not about finding the absolute tools which always work. it’s about Complementarity — the ability to find the correct solution in each situation.

In other words it’s better to be like a stream rather than a stone (however in a special situation being a stone is better).

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