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Desacralization of Pisces

I think many have noticed the development of Spiritualism, Esotericism, Astrology, Psychology, Healing, Divination, etc. over the last decade.

It’s all due to the movement of Neptune in its abode, Pisces.

As archetypes, the Zodiac signs are as immense as life itself. We could discuss the sign of Pisces for a long time and not even come close to describing it fully.

But there is one point that seems very important to me that sheds light on the essential qualities of Pisces and the mass fascination with psychology and esoterics that is going on now.

Pisces is Water, i.e. everything subtle and internal, in the dissolution phase. The key word in Pisces is desacralization.

The Subtle, having passed the way from conception (Cancer archetype) and serious elaboration and development within certain frameworks (Scorpio archetype), refines and dissolves, becoming available to the grassroots. What used to be protected behind a high fence and accessible only to a select few, who had to possess the necessary knowledge and symbolic language, is now spreading around the world. There is an inevitable loss of energy: subtle knowledge is profaned, becoming public domain. And knowledge, once sacred, turns into symbols of mass culture.

Thus, ordinary people without any special knowledge or training perform rituals at the New Moon, follow Mercury retrograde, call mindful sex Tantra, sing Buddhist mantras without understanding their meaning (and afterwards sing Hail Mary and Hare Krishna), talk about personal boundaries, unclosed gestalts and ego-state, read the Tarot, linking the arcana and zodiac signs, and of course wear a lot of stones and crystals, not forgetting to fume the rooms with sage and palo santo.

All of these things are parts of very different spiritual, esoteric, occult and scientific traditions, once very sacred and available to few. Now, however, they are cultural codes and distinctive markers of subcultures. These are grains of once deep and integral systems that enrich mass culture at the their own cost.

Pisces enriches the world by dissolving the once inaccessible Subtle and sharing its remnants with the surrounding space. Pisces destroy sacredness by making everything sacred. Or nothing.

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