Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Era of Aquarius

Everyone’s heard about the coming Era of Aquarius, which will last for the next 2000 years. Since it’s pretty much a long period, no one knows its exact arrival time. Some people have been waiting for it for the last 200 years.
But it seems to be coming now.

2020 is the year of entering another very important and quite long cycle — the Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, two planets which represent society, government, law, economics and many other things.

One cycle lasts approximately 200 years and is ruled by one of the four main elements. Since 1861 we’ve lived under the Earth element. And now comes the Air. So every part of life will quite radically change accordingly. The first signs of such changes are already evident nowadays: the Internet as a new reality, increasing value of information, social networks, remote work, etc.

Aquarius is an Air sign as well. That’s why many people think that the Era of Aquarius which is supposed to come very soon will come with the beginning of the Air Mutation, in other words — now.

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