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Fluidity of life

All magic begins with genuine understanding of fluidity of life.
We live in a world that looks stable. We see material objects that physically exist, we can interact with them because we physically exist too. We don’t know any other life beyond our bodies and our experiences.
But that’s false.

The stable material reality we see around that proves to us that we exist, that we are separate from each other is an illusion.

There is nothing stable in that world. Because there is no such thing as “that” world.
Everything is changing, everything is going through transformation every single moment of life. If you don’t believe that, ask Water signs – they know something about the endless transformation.

Everything we see will disappear, everyone we know will die. We will die too. Maybe already today or tomorrow. The world we know is an infinite never-ending stream of transformation. So the only way to move together with the world is to truly understand the fluid nature of life. And be fluent as much as possible. Do not be ready for changes and transformations, but be changes and transformations ourselves.

This is the point where magic begins.

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