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Full Moon on Samhain

Today is a special Full Moon in every sense.
General world transformation, retrograde time, the fact that this is the second Full Moon in one month.

This Full Moon is difficult and intense. However, could it be otherwise in our time?
The Moon is in conjunction with Retrograde Uranus. Uranus is always about explosion, revolution, instant insight.
Such a connection will, of course, enhance the culmination of the Moon’s cycle.

The Full Moon is the peak of lunar energy. And on top of that peak this time is a nuclear reactor.

But more importantly, the Full Moon falls on Samhain, one of the Wheel-of-the-Year holidays. It has entered the Western culture as a Christian Halloween. But it was born before the Christians by the Pagan Celts, as a holiday of the end of the harvest.

Why are the ancient pagan holidays important today?
Historically, people lived in close connection with nature and celebrating the wheel of the year was a natural way to keep up with the Earth’s cycle. Holidays like Samhain or Ostara are the times of concluding vital stuff (such as sowing or harvesting).

After the industrial revolution, we lost this connection with nature.
With the advent of electricity, even the time of day no longer plays such a strong role in our lives, and even more so the season. Working at a computer does not have a sowing season. And the arrival of winter changes only our clothes and heating bill. Winter won’t bring an existential horror in case of lack of supplies nowadays.

Celebrating the wheel of the year today is an opportunity to synchronize with global flows and with the cycle of the Earth itself. It’s an opportunity to remember our roots and our connection with everything living on the planet.

Another opportunity to synchronize with the world is the Moon cycles. And today these possibilities meet together.

So I suggest to get away from all tasks and find time to be in the moment. To stop and hear the silence. And behind it, to hear ourselves. And the world around.

Nothing special needed, just attentive listening.

As we remember, now is the time to put things in order and prepare for a new life.
It is hard to think of a more powerful day for this.

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