Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Gemini – Sagittarius opposition

In Zodiac circle Gemini is opposite to Sagittarius.

Gemini symbolizes information.
Sagittarius — energy.

Launching a spaceship is a great example of that pair of signs. To get a spaceship into space a lot of complex and precise calculations are required. Hundreds of engineers program a spaceship. But that’s not enough. A spaceship needs powerful engines, it needs energy.

All calculations aren’t worth anything without energy. A spaceship won’t move an inch. A spaceship without programming won’t reach the destination.

That’s what the opposition of Gemini and Sagittarius teaches us.

But we are bad students. Our civilization is too unbalanced towards Gemini. We learn a lot, we focus on information, but we simply forget about the other side of the scale — action.

We want to learn how to solve issue, we find out one solution, then another one, then yet another — we collect information but our issue is still there. Why? We know almost everything about our issue, why is it still there?

We know what to do but we forget to actually do that. A spaceship needs powerful engines to resist gravity. These engines need energy. To solve the issue, to change something in our lives we need not only to KNOW, we need to ACT. And for that we need energy.

We can learn everything. But nothing will be changed if we don’t have enough energy for that.

Energy is the foundation of our path. I ask you to realize that very well. We need to shift the balance of mindset from Gemini towards Sagittarius if we want to change something in our lives.

Later we will talk more about the energy, the way to control it, about different sources, etc.

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