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Life direction

This Full Moon will make a T-square aspect with Pluto. In translation to normal language it means: the taste of Fatum, the destiny will fly in the air.

This time can be quite intense and not very pleasant. On the other hand, some important and fundamental insights can come up. So it’s better to listen to yourself and to the world carefully.

What I have realised recently is the importance of direction. I think we should clearly understand that all of such practices as meditation, yoga, astrology, Ayahuasca, energy work or whatever – are just the instruments we use on our path. Some of them work better for us, others worse, but all of them are just tools – they are not the destination. Then where is our destination? What direction do we go?

The same practices could lead to completely opposite directions. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s so important to think about that.

I understand the importance of taking refuge and growing Bodhicitta on Buddhism path in that way – as a direction. Without the correct direction all of the thousands of different practices Buddha shared with us won’t help at all.

I think, the same principle works for everyone regardless the religions, spiritual traditions or philosophical schools we follow.

What is your life direction? Where do you go?

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