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My first astrological workshop

One year ago I made my first astrological workshop in Berlin. Thanks to Luca who helped me to organize it.

That workshop was an initiation for me. A new magical space was opened and new possibilities came to me, inviting to take a step forward. I got my first clients in Berlin, first experience in workshops and a month later I moved to Berlin.

It was the beginning of 2020.

The workshop itself was quite bad, to be honest. I wanted to teach the basics of astrology in one hour and somehow it didn’t sound crazy to me that time. My focus was on my own knowledge and I didn’t know yet that there is a difference between knowing something and being able to share the knowledge.

On my next workshops I improved my teaching skills, but I’m pretty sure that no one on that first meeting learnt anything about basics of astrology. But many people met with the astrology from first hands. For some of them astrology became a good friend and a helpful tool in that crazy 2020.

Later I realized that workshop wasn’t about learning, it was about the connection. And my role was to be an embassador of astrology. So that workshop was an initiation not only for me but for all of us.

The Astrology is a light itself and as an astrologer I just need to reflect this light. I don’t use astrology to help peope. I connect people with astrology so they can help themselves.

So the story that started about me appears to be not really about me. This story is about all of us who want to see more, to go deeper, to work with causes rather than effects, to understand the reasons and the astrology which helps us in that.

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