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My Saturn

The position of Saturn in your natal chart indicates an area in which you can (or are supposed to) become an expert.

My Saturn is in the House of its culmination, the 7th House, the House of partnership, enemies and interactions with the World.

At a low level of development, Saturn manifests itself through phobias and fears. Indeed, I remember very well how the world was perceived by me in a hostile manner. I remember this deep subconscious feeling of fear of the world. I didn’t have many truly dangerous situations in my life. It was more an existential fear.

I also remember the fear of intimacy and relationships. I was falling in love a lot (my Venus is fiery and located in the 5th house!). But when it came to even a hint of a relationship, some sort of toggle switch inside me and I just silently disappeared. Of course, the reason was fear, a creepy all-encompassing fear.

Saturn is a great teacher. Saturn requires depth, patience, discipline, mastery. It acts very long and strictly, and is felt by our psyche to be extremely difficult. But if you don’t argue, but follow its instructions, you can discover really great things about yourself.

I can’t say that I have become an expert in matters of partnership or interaction with the world, but there are still some results. The underlying fear of relationships has been replaced by an understanding and ability to build really deep and serious relationships.

For example, in December my wife and I celebrated 12 years of a relationship – that’s 2/5 of my life. What has not happened in that time and what crises we have not gone through together!

Marriage is just one example of a partnership. But it’s also true of all others: friendly or business relationships. If a partnership can be formed, it is usually for the long haul.

So where does your Saturn stand? In what areas will or have you become an expert? (35)

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