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New Moon

New Moon is the beginning of a Moon cycle.

Astrologically New Moon means a conjunction between Moon and Sun, an aspect when two planets occupy the same place in Zodiac circle. Conjunction is one of the most powerful aspects. It can be represented by number 1, the creative principle of the Universe, pure creativity, an explosion without possibility to predict the result.

Two luminaries, our most personal planets which represent subconscious and will, merge together to explode and give birth to a new cycle.

New Moon is the beginning of a Moon cycle, which lasts 29.5 days. It’s the birth of the Moon, ample of fresh energy. It’s a beginning, restart, creation, explosion. Old energy’s released – and we recharge with new forces for a new round. Great time to abandon everything outdated and start new projects, habits or undertakings.

New Moon is that “next Monday” we wait for to start a new life.

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