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Online becomes a new reality

As you remember, the time until the middle of November is good to put life in order, fix some issues of the past and prepare ourselves for the next round of global transformation. I especially recommend to focus your attention on your presence in the digital world.

Online becomes a new reality, sometimes even more important than our offline life.

Ten years ago the Internet was a fun place where we could choose funny nicknames and avatars, explore the possibilities of a new network with almost unlimited freedom. Now one wrong tweet can cost us a career or even physical freedom (hello, Russia!).

The Internet has transformed from a place of ultimate anonymity into one under strict surveillance. It’s a big village where everyone knows everything about everyone.

At the same time the importance of the Internet increases: it covers more and more of our lives. That’s not random. This process of moving into the Online is a part of the new Era and it won’t stop in the near future.

That’s why it’s very important to be aware of the rules of new reality. Now it’s a good time to learn more about this topic and put our Online life in order.

• Clean social media pages
Delete the wrong posts, check the friend list or followers, leave old groups, keep the subscriptions in order.
Keeping online life clean and organized becomes as necessary as keeping our home and work so.

• Learn more about cyber protection
VPN, password generators, etc.

2 factors – authorizations and long complex passwords (different for each service!), – should be as normal as locking our home doors. It’s better to start creating a new habit now rather than after someone steals our money or hacks emails with all our contacts and important information.

• Learn how the Internet works in general.
What do cookies mean? What is big data? Who can collect our personal data?

Personal data is a new currency. It’s better to be aware with whom we share it and how they use it.

• The most important: we should fully understand that the Internet is not fun anymore, it’s a brand new reality with its own rules. And our behavior there will fully affect all other parts of our life.

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