Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Personality in Astrology

In Astrology personality is understood as a filter between our inner world and outer reality. It’s some kind of glasses or a lens which color everything we see in specific individual colors. At the same time our personality affects the way we share our inner world: how we express ourselves, how we look, how we speak, how other people perceive us at the first moment of meeting.

In Astrology personality is symbolized by the First House. The beginning of the First House is the well-known Ascendant. Depending on the Sign of the Ascendant, the position of the planets inside the first house, their aspects and position of the First House rulers, our personality manifests in one way or another.

👁People with many planets inside their first house have a strongly pronounced personality: they attract attention, have bright appearance and usually are very notable in every collective.

👁Disharmonious first house leads to self-dissatisfaction and craving for self-affirmation, when the others have to always confirm your personal dignities and personal role in every activity.

A Sign shows a general style in which our personality manifests, while every planet tints personality in its specific way: Venus adds to personality softness and gentleness and makes it depend on social perception, while Mercury makes personality more rational, mental and cold.

What’s essential to understand is that personality is just a border between our inner world, with all its different programs of subconscious, experience and beliefs, and outer reality.

Personality is not Self, it’s an instrument of perception of the world and our own self-expression. Same as any other instrument personality can be adjusted and learnt for better use. (26)

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