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Pisces time

Pisces is very crowded in the sky right now: there is a stellium (i.e. multiple conjunction) of Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury.

When I wrote this year’s forecast, I mainly considered Pisces in its highest octave:

«Overall, the time until May is very internal, deep and sensual. Very good to engage in self-deepening, self-knowledge and therapy, as well as creativity and philanthropy. A subtle inner sense of intimacy and closeness will be supported by a fairly long conjunction of Mars and Venus.»

And indeed, difficult and tragic events have turned many people’s gaze inward: life, that has ceased to be routine, has become something significant and important. Many people are now rethinking themselves and their lives, redefining their focus. Much of what seemed so important yesterday seems completely irrelevant today.

Pisces is a very complex, deep and truly mystical sign. Now it is possible to perceive it most deeply, to really hear its unique sound.

Pisces is about imprisonment, about impersonal serving, about humility and acceptance, about genuine compassion and cosmic love.

We are now witnessing an incredible level of mutual aid, compassion, support, and kindness toward those in need. In this selfless and very heartfelt help, we find ourselves.

But Pisces also has a lower octave – fog, mystification, addiction, emotional hysteria. And Jupiter, as the planet symbolizing society, of course, tends to manifest at lower vibrations.
And we see endless fakes and streams of lies in the media and on social networks, heightened emotionality, hysteria, hatred, mutual dehumanization.

The manifestation of Jupiter in Pisces in the scandalous news from Meta, when they allowed calls for death against certain people, is especially noteworthy. Jupiter, as a symbol of the law (in this case the rules of social network moderation), has “floated” in vague ethical norms.

We could say that this time presents us with a choice: what vibration of the great Pisces archetype to manifest through ourselves. Whether to conduct through ourselves love, compassion, help, impersonal service to all people without exception (I draw your attention: all people, without division into national or ideological differences!). Or to succumb to hysteria, illusions and deception and broadcast hatred and dehumanization.

A full moon in Virgo help us.

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