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Present moment is the source and the joystick of reality

“There’s no future!” — he exclaimed cuttingly. “The future is only a way of talking. For sorcerer there is only the here and now”

I’m asking for your attention.
Forgive me if I may sound pompous. What I wanna say sounds simple, but the meaning is huge. This is probably one of the most important knowledge I have which is simple to say but difficult to fully understand.

The past and the future exist only in the present time.

In other words nothing else except present moment exists.

When we think about the future, when we devise plans or dream about things which are gonna happen — we are in present moment. There is no future, only thoughts about future. And these thoughts are happening now.

When we remember something from the past, we deal not with the past but with our perception of the past, our memory. We do it in present moment.

It doesn’t matter if we remember the past or think about the future, we do it in present moment. Present moment is a place where the past and the future are located. Nowhere else.

Present moment is a place where everything starts and finishes. It’s the source and the joystick of reality.

This is the knowledge which almost all spiritual traditions I know try to share with us. This knowledge is essential for walking the spiritual path or creating a better life.

Take a moment and think about that. The past and the future don’t exist on their own, they exist only in the present.
Present moment is the key.

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