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Real knowledge is always transmitted only in person

We live in the age of information, but not knowledge. The development of communication technology has led to many changes in the world, but not to more knowledge. There is a possibility that there will be even less knowledge in the future and we will find ourselves in a digital dark age (let’s see what Pluto will bring us when have moved to Aquarius in few years).

Real knowledge is always transmitted only in person. No books, blogs, video lectures give a complete knowledge, people do. The mechanics here are simple: a person will never write or say more than they know themselves. Any formulated thought is only a part of the knowledge a person has. Add to this the coefficient on loss of information due to misunderstanding of what is written and you get only a small part of the original knowledge.

Human being is the only carrier of real knowledge. And in order to adopt this knowledge, it is necessary to be in full contact with this person. It is necessary to listen to them, to feel them, to look at them, to talk to them, to ask them. Real knowledge is formed in bits and pieces. There are times when a phrase said at lunch can be the missing piece of the puzzle, which helps to form a whole knowledge.

Knowledge is energy and in order to adopt this energy you must build certain channels that serve as a bridge to knowledge. Without a real teacher, this is almost impossible to do.

The only way to preserve knowledge is to adopt it yourself and pass it on to others.

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