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Retrograde Mercury & target ad campaign

A client of mine was launching a new project. They started a target ad campaign to increase traffic for their new product. Everything was going fine, they received enough leads but then suddenly all traffic was gone. Ad campaign continued but with zero effect. They tried to understand the issue but couldn’t find any reasonable explanations: the ad campaign which had perfectly worked before, stopped working.

– When did you launch a campaign?
– Two weeks ago (Mercury was retrograde).
– When did it stop working?
– Last Monday (Mercury became direct one day before).
– I see.

What was the issue? They had launched a marketing campaign when Mercury was retrograde. So the campaign absorbed that retrograde potential. It went well while Mercury was retrograde. But when it became direct again, the retrograde potential of the campaign created too strong a resistance. The core settings of the campaign which was born in retrograde Mercury time didn’t match new conditions of direct Mercury.
In the end the only solution was to create a brand new campaign from scratch.

This example is so remarkable because a target ad campaign is a 100% Mercurian business. So it’s very sensitive to Mercury’s positions at the sky.

I am also curious whether the leads they had got during retrograde Mercury time have ever become their customers or direct Mercury had created too strong a resistance for them as well.

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