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Retrograde Venus conj. Pluto

Paying off karmic debts, do not take new loans; getting drunk with feelings, remember that you will pay on a sober head

Venus turns retrograde today and will remain so through January 28, creating few more Conjunction aspects to Pluto. I believe, breath of Fate will intensify in all Venus-related matters: expect some powerful and total flashbacks in relationships, finances, art, feelings, beauty, love, social role. And with that, opportunities to tie the loose ends and cut off the unnecessary (or dive headlong into a well of intense feelings and emotions – as long as there is enough air and you are ready to take the risk).

As with all retrograde periods, it is not recommended to begin anything important in Venus-related matters: to start a long-term relationship, to make important financial transactions (especially with art or NFT), to change your appearance: to have plastic surgery, to change your style, makeup or hairstyle, to buy beauty items or new expensive clothes, and to purchase anything valued in general.

But honestly, Plutonic Vibe is so powerful that I don’t think we will have much choice. Pluto represents intransigent/irreconcilable transformation and Law of Karma. In addition Pluto and Venus are in Capricorn, which in a lower octave (and Pluto activates lower) can bring a lot of difficulties, discomfort, severity and heaviness.

The main thing to remember is not to argue with Pluto; you can’t fool it, and you can’t leap over Karma. What is to be, will be. What have been done, needs to be paid. So keep your eyes open in the topics of Venus and get ready to cut off attachments and lower subconscious programs. Asceticism and severeness and the ability to give and change are now held in high esteem.

Motto: less is better. (31)

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