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Jupiter in Pisces

Until May, Jupiter goes through its home, Pisces, and conjuncts with Neptune there. It is a very intimate, internal, psychological, if not say spiritual time. There may be some softening and optimism in the world. But this feeling is deceptive, many political and economic processes will fade into shadows, and they will shoot out come spring when Jupiter moves into Aries.

Jupiter will intensify and expand interest in all things inner and subtle. Psychology, self-development, spiritual practices, symbolic systems, esotericism are likely to get a new round of interest and recognition (and even those you wouldn’t expect would look up to Mercury retrograde). Religion is also among the topics. Religious conflicts are likely to escalate, and religious fundamentalists are yet to make a name for themselves.

Inflation will continue to accelerate and the financial bubble will burst. We may hear about more Dow Jones index being broken and a general euphoria in the stock markets (and cryptocurrencies). But I’m afraid the euphoria won’t last, and by the autumn a severe sobering up will come. We should expect successes and breakthroughs in medicine, especially in drugs (for Big Pharma the year will be even more successful than the last one). And culture (especially movies and music).

I speak with great caution this time, but travelling should get easier.

Overall, the time until May is very internal, deep and sensual. Very good to engage in self-deepening, self-knowledge and therapy, as well as creativity and philanthropy. A subtle inner sense of intimacy and closeness will be supported by a fairly long conjunction of Mars and Venus. Together they will pass through Capricorn and Aquarius from early February to late March, but I will write about that later.

The second major event of the year is the Moon’s Nodes moving into Taurus and Scorpio.

Whereas racial and social issues (remember BLM) and learning and education (there has been an explosion of online education in the last 1.5 years) has been the main themes, now the focus will shift to resource – material, energy, natural, financial, property, corporeal, ethical, and value-based. Generally speaking, questions of ethics and moral values this year will move from the abstract level to the material level.

We are likely to remember that we are not yet in a meta-universe, and that no one has cancelled the pressing issues of material life. And so there will be a rethinking of the existing socio-economic structure and a search for new solutions, both personally and globally.

And, of course, the theme of money and finance.
I’ll be careful with words this time: let’s just say that the foundations of the global financial system will be put to the test. Whether they will pass is up to you to decide. My answer is no, they won’t. The world is in for a full-blown financial crisis, compared to which the 2008 crisis is nothing. At the same time there will be a radical rethinking of financial systems and economic administration. The very phenomenon of money as an equivalent of material things and services will be rethought. It will not happen in one year, of course, but this is the year we will begin to think and talk about it in all seriousness.

Closer to August, we can expect a black swan to set this process in motion.

Dirty energy will also remind us of itself (it’s already started). I think that the idea of Green Energy will be tested (including electric cars) and oil will rise in price. In general, the topic of the environment and the Greens will more than once hit the news.

Individually, I think health, physical exercises, healthy eating, the environment and sex will also be relevant topics.

Money, property, financial security, environment (ecology), material things, values, finances, investments, bank accounts, insurance, debt will all become very hot topics for the next year and a half.

By the end of April, the situation changes dramatically.

Jupiter, along with Mars, moves very powerfully into Aries in the eclipse corridor. A very hot period is coming. Processes, hidden while Jupiter was in Pisces, will strike out. Expect serious tensions in the world on the verge of an armed conflict. As well as interesting news from the financial markets.

Individually, it is a time of action and realization of all the energy accumulated up to this point. I will write more details closer to the date.

Tension will build in the fall

We are in for a very hard eclipse gateway and a very intense time overall. If a financial crisis breaks out this year, this is the best time for it. Generally speaking, the period late October through the first half of November will resemble an Ayahuasca ceremony: a lot of tension, a lot of hard work, a lot of suffering, a lot of energy coming out.
After the eclipses there will be a release and it will feel subjectively easier for a while. But by the end of the year it will be tense again – the preparation for the next year will start, but about that later.

The Internet and IT

The subject of the Internet as a new reality and IT will not go away. Saturn will still be bringing order to the Aquarius areas, being in a heavy square aspect to Uranus and Lunar Nodes.
Therefore I expect continued pressure on the Internet, controls, and scandals related to Big Tech.

Important dates

Jupiter in Pisces: 29 Dec 2021 — 11 May 2022
Nodes move into Taurus and Scorpio: 18 Jan
Mars and Venus conjunction: 06 Feb — 30 Mar
Astrological New Year: 20 March
Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces: 12 Apr
Eclipses gateway: 30 Apr — Solar, 16 May — Lunar
Jupiter moves into Aries: 11 May
Uranus in conjunction with the North Node: 01 Aug
Eclipse gateway: 25 Oct — Solar, 8 Nov — Lunar
Mars retrograde: 30 Oct 2022 — 12 Jan 2023
Mercury retrograde: 14 Jan — 4 Feb 10 May — 3 Jun
10 Sept — 2 Oct
29 Dec 2022 — 18 Jan 2023

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