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Social energy – money

Few days ago I wrote that it’s not possible to change anything in our lives without energy.

Now I want to talk about a very important type of energy which can make our lives either easier or more difficult: social energy, or – money.

Money is a difficult topic. There are so many emotions, feelings, perceptions and prejudices connected to money, that sometimes it’s difficult to separate money from anything else.

However, money itself is very simple and pure — all evil is added by our minds and desires.

In Astrology money is symbolized by Venus.
Do you know what else is symbolized by Venus?
Beauty, feelings, esthetics, art, ethics, partnership, social relationship, love.
And money.

Good company, isn’t it?

Venus is the answer to many difficulties we have with money. That’s why money is so deeply connected with our feelings and emotions.

We can have very different opinions about money, but one thing is clear — we need to have order in our financial life. We might have a lot of money or just enough for necessary needs. We might not have money at all and live in mountains. But we have to have it in order.

That means we shouldn’t be in minus, we shouldn’t have debts, we shouldn’t live at someone’s expense (without an agreement). We should earn money in a productive way. And everything else depends on our plans, ideas, wishes, possibilities, priorities, etc.

Later we will explore the topic of money from every level and we will use astrology to help us.

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