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Taking a refuge

On Saturday I officially took refuge in Three Jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche hold a ceremony.

“Officially” means that it was witnessed by Rinpoche and other people. But actually I already took a refuge some time ago and I’m trying to do it everyday, because it’s not so much a ritual but more like a direction for the life: you need to practice everyday.

As always in that kind of things I have a long history with Buddhism.
But the main reason for making such an important decision is a realisation of a simple fact: we take refuge in something else all the time.

It can be music, art, family, work, partner, books, drugs, Netflix, social media, sport and so on.
Refuge is a safe place which helps us to keep going and find the meaning of our life.

The main problem of finding refuge in all of these things is impermanence: the relationship can be broken, the work ends or we got fired, close people will die, music and entertainment become boring – everything will disappear sooner or later.

For the person with such a strong 4th house in natal chart as me – a refuge which will be easily destroyed cannot be considered as a real refuge.

Dharma is the only absolute refuge I’ve found so far. It’s pure, genuine, beautiful and extremely logical.

So the decision of taking refuge in Dharma wasn’t a religious act for me, it was more as a strategic move – very logical, clear and reasonable.

And that really works. I feel that I’ve finally found a foundation I can lean on and I can see a clear direction for my life path and the instruments which support on that path.

It also helps in my astrological practice, because the core of Dharma is compassion as practice – not just a concept or declaration, but a daily routine practice. So my consultations become more accurate. (23)

Nice video to watch

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche explains what Dharma practice is.

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