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The Crisis of Saturn return

I will have a Saturn return soon and I see how this topic becomes actual for my clients too.
So let’s talk about that.

Saturn return is an event when transit Saturn returns to the same position we have it in the natal chart. This transit is highly difficult and intense and usually feels as a turning point in life. Saturn makes a full circle around Sun in 29.5 years so it returns when we are 28-30 years old.

Astrologers used to call it the Crisis of Saturn return.
Crisis is a good word. For those who consider crisis as something bad the return of Saturn is a nightmare. But for those who see crises as possibilities to grow, that time is difficult but powerful.

Saturn is a severe teacher. He cannot be tricked or fooled. If necessary he takes everything we are attached to away to show us the truth. Saturn hits our most sensitive and weak sides to show us the work we’ve been trying to escape.

For some people during its return Saturn causes troubles with work, for others — with relationship; it destroys career, reputation or brings about financial difficulties; it can create problems with law or a family tragedy; facilitates health issues or gives a child; Saturn return can catalyze Spiritual awakening, introduce us to dmt or meditation; it can give a life-changing relationship or push us away from home to travelling; or all these things at once.

The concrete manifestation of Satrun return crisis depends on the position of Saturn in the natal chart, its aspects and our level of consciousness.

For each of us it manifests differently, but what’s for sure — it’s the beginning of a new 30-years cycle of our life.
And that’s huge!

Saturn return crisis is like an ayahuasca ceremony. Great grief to those who do not know what they just drunk. A blessing for those who are aware and have kept diet before the ceremony.

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Deimante Lipciuk 2021

Great analogy at the end 🙏