Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Transit astrology

We’ve talked a bit about general shape of 2021. It’s based on the current planets’ movement and shows a general weather forecast. But how can we see the ways weather affects us personally?

To see that we can take the chart of current sky and add our natal chart on the top. The connection between the current planet movement and the planets in our natal chart will show the way this year will be reflected in our personal life.

This method is called transit astrology.

For example, if the current Uranus makes a conjunction with our natal Mercury — it affects everything that is represented by Mercury — mentality, communication, all kinds of connections, learning, traveling, etc.

Uranus is a highly unpredictable planet that symbolizes instant insights short of insanity. So during this time we can expect increased mental activity, new outlook on old things, unexpected insights, complete change of views, high risk of transport accidents, extravagant communication or fateful meetings.

If we look at the houses where these planets located or rule, we can get even more precise information. And if we know that aspect can happen only once in life we can use it more consciously.

Transit astrology is a powerful tool.
We can see when the aspects start and when they finish, their effect and possible manifestation, what parts of life they touch. We can understand the fundamental energies which cause certain events to find out the solution and be prepared for a coming storm or for a window of opportunity.

Knowing a forecast can be very useful. Knowing how the weather affects you personally on a certain date is really wow!

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