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Understanding astrological symbolism in a volumetric way

Astrology is a language, a very special language. Each symbol, like a hieroglyph, has a very broad meaning, which is clarified in the context. Therefore, it is very important not to restrict symbols by narrow specific meanings, but to try to catch their essence.

Take Mercury, which everyone is familiar with. Everyone knows that Mercury means rational mind, logic, mental modeling, speech, commerce, communication, information. But Mercury, like any other planet, can manifest in all subtle bodies, including the physical one. Therefore, Mercury is also motor skills, movement and coordination.

A person with strong Mercury will not necessarily be intelligent or rational. Imagine a child with a strong Mercury in his chart growing up in the woods. Such cases really existed and didn’t tell as pretty a tale as Mowgli’s. Such a child would be wild and unable to speak (maybe mooing at most). And you can’t teach it to think like a human. But its strong Mercury in the chart will not go away, and will manifest itself in amazing dexterity of movement and tenacity of hands. Such a Mowgli will be capable of very deftly climbing trees, throwing rocks, and picking over small objects like acorns. If you have ever watched monkeys in real life, you know how agile and quick they are (and how much they love to steal). This, too, is an action of Mercury.

Mercury can also manifest in emotions, i.e. on the astral plane. There is no need to think that if we are talking about emotions, it is necessarily the Moon. Imagine a person shouting outrageously, “I don’t understand, how could you? I can’t understand!”. That person has Mercury activated (and probably Mars if they are shouting loudly and waving their arms violently): they cannot understand or rationalize something and are filled with rage because of it. Or maybe they are filled with sadness. And the person is crying, maybe sobbing profusely because they cannot comprehend, for example, the behaviour of a loved one.

Or take a subject like mathematics. Mathematics is always Mercury: all those equations, mental modeling. But have you ever seen a mathematician in love with their profession? They see the harmony of numbers, for them the equations are aesthetically beautiful, they truly admire them. And here, already by the key words “in love”, “harmony”, “aesthetics”, “beautiful”, we can see Venus. Of course, the mathematician’s work is conjured up by Mercury. But also by Venus in situations of admiring the beauty of numbers and formulae. This is an example of the manifestation of Venus in the mental field. So it is wrong to think that if there is strong Venus in the chart, it is necessarily an artist. It can also be a mathematician, especially if Mercury and Venus are in conjunction (which is pretty common).

Astrology is a symbolic representation of the world. Flat-earth folk might not agree with me, but after all, our world is volumetric, it is not flat. So we should understand astrological symbolism in a volumetric way too, not limiting it to flat interpretations.

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