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What’s going on now or Full guide to current mini apocalypse

The time until middle of November is probably the most difficult one in 2020. The transformation we are going through can become too overwhelming and intense. At the same time this period opens great possibilities in self-healing and putting our life in order. We just need to know how to use it right.

So what’s going on now?

Quick answer.

We are entering a fundamentally new era in which all parts of life will be different for at least the next 200 years (but most probably 2000 years).
Right now and until the middle of November we have a chance to take a step back and fix our past in order to prepare ourselves for the future.

Entering New Era

Longer answer.

Everyone’s heard about the coming Era of Aquarius, which will last for the next 2000 years. Since it’s pretty much a long period, no one knows its exact arrival time. Some people have been waiting for it for the last 200 years.
But it seems to be coming now.

2020 is the year of entering another very important and quite long cycle — the Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, two planets which represent society, government, law, economics and many other things.
One cycle lasts approximately 200 years and is ruled by one of the four main elements. Since 1861 we’ve lived under the Earth element. And now comes the Air. So every part of life will quite radically change accordingly. The first signs of such changes are already evident nowadays: the Internet as a new reality, increasing value of information, social networks, remote work, etc.

Aquarius is an Air sign as well. That’s why many people think that the Era of Aquarius which is supposed to come very soon will come with the beginning of the Air Mutation, in other words — now.

Attention! Retrograde Time

Mercury and Mars are retrograde now.
There are many fears, prejudices and myths about retrograde planets. Some people expect it with dread, others ignore it.

Retrograde is a normal part of planets’ cycles. Most of the time planets move directly: we live, we get new experiences, we start something new, we learn new things, we try different stuff. All in all, life goes on. But a constant forward moving is impossible, we need a break sometimes. Retrograde movement of planets is exactly this break, a time when we take a step back, get some rest and let the accumulated experience sink in.

We shouldn’t be afraid of it, but be aware. If we do things right, Retrograde part of the planet’s cycle can be very productive and beneficial. But if we just ignore it, retrograde time can bring many troubles to our lives.

What to expect?

  • During retrograde period we can experience flashbacks to the past, setbacks to the starting points, repeating patterns.
  • Problems with health, physical tonus, aktivity. Risk of injury.
  • Difficulties with work, delays with payment, troubles with budget, bureaucracy.
  • Uneasy communication
  • Transportation errors with planes, trains, buses; traffic jams.
  • Malfunctioning of devices and electronics.
  • All sorts of organizational obstacles.
  • Issues with selling or buying things, especially with gadgets.
  • A lot of misunderstanding

What better to avoid?

  • Better put off new beginnings until the middle of November. Do not plan, launch or update. Failures, necessary adjustments and restarts are highly probable. Now is not the time for anything new.
  • Better not argue, and even if an argument happens, settle things without fighting, shouting and hysteria. Staying calm is especially important during this time.
  • Hold back on expensive purchases, especially electronics.
  • Don’t strike deals, nor sign important contracts.

How to stop worrying and love retrograde time?

Take a step back and look around.

Where are we going? What path? In what state? With whom? What are we carrying? Do we really need it? Are we moving in the right direction anyway? We are at the fundamental turning point of epochs. The world is changing irretrievably. It is an incredible opportunity for us to change as well. We’ve got till the middle of November to reevaluate our lives, glance back, look forward and think hard.

Set life in order.

Mars and Mercury are moving backwards. Since new beginnings are not for now anyway, the time couldn’t be better for finishing every unfinished business. To set things in the darkest corners inside ourselves in order.

  1. Deal with finances. Count the budget. Get the expenses under control and analyze the income. If we are not satisfied financially, think about a way to broaden your financial stream. Rethink personal financial management.
  2. Put our work in order. End ongoing projects, complete everything incomplete. Finish the started or leave it behind without ever looking back. Think about profession. Is that what we want to do in life?
  3. Organize our social network and the Internet activity.
    Delete useless accounts and subscriptions, clear chat, posts and publication history. Change passwords.
  4. Direct our attention to health, diet, physical activity and sleep. Do we move enough, do we eat well? How do we feel? Does anything feel off?
  5. Understand ourselves (easier said than done): to let go what is leaving, to accept what is coming.
    Yep, that last one is the trickiest.

As told before, retrograde time brings about the possibility of slipping down, setbacks and revisiting the past. Noticing these things and listening to the messages we are trying to tell ourselves is very important. What bothers us? Inside of us what tries to pick our attention?
And remember, that the main point of this period is that we now in our present configuration can go back to understand and solve things that we couldn’t understand and solve back then, being in our old configuration without the new experience and knowledge we have now.

Rest and let all accumulated experience sink in.

Yes, taking a break, while the skies bring forth one difficult aspect after another, is hard. But if we’ve got no strength left whatsoever, nothing gets done and nothing is wanted — let’s set everything aside and just be. Forget about all the checklists, plans, ideas and tasks. Get under a blankie and drink cocoa. As we remember, nothing new will take hold now. The world won’t go far, leaving us behind, we won’t miss anything.

As a certain sound healer likes to say: no stress.

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