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Yule 2021: the most magical and mystical time of year

Immediately after the Full Moon, tomorrow – December 20-21 – we celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice. This is traditionally the most magical and mystical time of year, which will last until early January. It is believed that during this time the boundary between the subtle and dense worlds disappears and completely unpredictable things and miracles (or nightmares) are possible.

The celebration during this period of the main Roman holiday of Saturnalia, the Catholic and then the Orthodox Christmas and New Year’s Eve is not at all accidental. So be aware and don’t get carried away with Christmas presents and New Year’s Eve stuff (Venus is retrograde anyway), because the Universe speaks directly and clearly, and if you listen carefully, you can catch some very important insights.

Chiron, which makes an exact Trine aspect to Mars right around Catholic Christmas (but in fact it works from Yule to New Year’s Eve), will be there helping to catch those insights. But we’ll speak about that later.

Light your candles, burn your favourite incense, prepare your crystals – season of magic begins!

Important transits which tint this magical Yule in special colours:
•Retrograde Venus in Conjunction with Pluto
•Saturn in Square with Uranus
•Chiron in Trine with Mars (30)

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