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Taking a refuge

On Saturday I officially took refuge in Three Jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
Ringu Tulku Rinpoche hold a ceremony.

“Officially” means that it was witnessed by Rinpoche and other people. But actually I already took a refuge some time ago and I’m trying to do it everyday, because it’s not so much a ritual but more like a direction for the life: you need to practice everyday.

As always in that kind of things I have a long history with Buddhism.
But the main reason for making such an important decision is a realisation of a simple fact: we take refuge in something else all the time.

It can be music, art, family, work, partner, books, drugs, Netflix, social media, sport and so on.
Refuge is a safe place which helps us to keep going and find the meaning of our life.

The main problem of finding refuge in all of these things is impermanence: the relationship can be broken, the work ends or we got fired, close people will die, music and entertainment become boring – everything will disappear sooner or later.

For the person with such a strong 4th house in natal chart as me – a refuge which will be easily destroyed cannot be considered as a real refuge.

Dharma is the only absolute refuge I’ve found so far. It’s pure, genuine, beautiful and extremely logical.

So the decision of taking refuge in Dharma wasn’t a religious act for me, it was more as a strategic move – very logical, clear and reasonable.

And that really works. I feel that I’ve finally found a foundation I can lean on and I can see a clear direction for my life path and the instruments which support on that path.

It also helps in my astrological practice, because the core of Dharma is compassion as practice – not just a concept or declaration, but a daily routine practice. So my consultations become more accurate. (23)

Nice video to watch

Ringu Tulku Rinpoche explains what Dharma practice is.


We want to find the ultimate concepts and instruments which work in every situation in life.

“Always be strong and follow your dream”.
“Work hard and success will come to you”
“Don’t limit yourself”

But the reality is different.
It’s like a river, a stream, all the time changing.

All our attempts to find the ultimate solution is an attempt to stop the world, freeze the reality and transform it into stone — that’s not gonna work.

There is no correct or wrong tool.
There are correct or wrong tools in certain situations.

Sometimes its better to be active and strong, sometimes listening and adapting. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture, sometimes focus on the details. Sometimes we have to concentrate a lot and be highly disciplined, but sometimes we should be free and open-minded.

When we find a good solution we feel a temptation to call it absolute. And we start using it everywhere. But the same behavior, same skills and ideas in a different situation may have the opposite effect.

Because it’s not about finding the absolute tools which always work. it’s about Complementarity — the ability to find the correct solution in each situation.

In other words it’s better to be like a stream rather than a stone (however in a special situation being a stone is better).

Basic points about Astrology

Nowadays we can find more and more information about Astrology on the Internet. But before going deep into the topic it can be useful to know some basics about that system to avoid misunderstanding, superstitions and mistakes.

Illustration by Vekendra

Symbolic system

Astrology is a symbolic system that explores the connection between the sky and our lives. It is an objective view on a subjective perception.

Astrology comes from the idea of synchronicity: the reality is nondual and cosmos represents our inner worlds. That means we shouldn’t look for a physical influence of planets on our lives, planets don’t send any specific energy which somehow affects us. They just SYMBOLIZE the processes we are going through on Earth.

Theoretically we could build a symbolic system capable of helping us understand ourselves better based on everything: coffee grounds, bird movements, water reflections, daily events. And some of us actually do that.

A very important benefit of Astrology is that it’s based on cycles of planets, which move very slowly. It gives an opportunity to observe the movement for centuries and pass on the knowledge from generation to generation.
That’s why Astrology as a system is so powerful — it accumulates centuries of wisdom.

Different systems

There are many astrological systems which explore different parts of our world: Personal astrology, Transit astrology, Predictive, Primary, Mundane, Financial and many others. Some of them are built well (like Personal astrology), some of them — not (like Predictive astrology). Understanding the difference between systems is very important.

We shouldn’t mix the symbolic languages of different systems. Separate pieces of information don’t work well without the whole concept. If we take a part from one system and try to apply it to another one, we will just get a mess.

For example, in Personal astrology Sun symbolizes will and in Financial astrology Sun represents gold. If we try to interpret Sun as gold in Personal astrology, we will get confused. It’s even worse if we try to interpret Sun as personal will in Financial astrology instead of seeing it as golden standart of all values.

That’s why when we read something about Astrology, it’s necessary to understand: which system it comes from. Most of the time the information we can find on the Internet is just an imprecise retelling, and authors themselves are not aware of what system they use — it’s just one big messy ASTROLOGY (whatever it means).

This approach could work in Pisces Era with its huge space for abstraction and intangibility, when astrology was a piece of art in the hands of a Master. But Aquarius requires accuracy and precision.

Focus of Astrology

Realize the limits of astrology. Astrology ALWAYS looks at the subject and cannot be the subject itself (unless we explore the history of astrology).

That means that we always look THROUGHT the astrological system AT the subject. And we need to know the subject itself very well.

If it’s Mundane astrology which explores the global processes, then first we need to understand the global history, society, and politics. If it’s Financial astrology, then we need to know the financial markets and economic principles. If it’s Personal astrology, then we need to know the person. We can’t just build a natal chart and start getting infinite knowledge. Natal chart is a map but we should understand of what this map exactly is.

That’s why it’s better to not take seriously any Astrologers who can read your natal chart without talking to you. In such a case the most you can get is very general things you already know.

A good Astrologer always keeps hand on the pulse and is aware of every part of human life and other subjects they explore.

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The Crisis of Saturn return

I will have a Saturn return soon and I see how this topic becomes actual for my clients too.
So let’s talk about that.

Saturn return is an event when transit Saturn returns to the same position we have it in the natal chart. This transit is highly difficult and intense and usually feels as a turning point in life. Saturn makes a full circle around Sun in 29.5 years so it returns when we are 28-30 years old.

Astrologers used to call it the Crisis of Saturn return.
Crisis is a good word. For those who consider crisis as something bad the return of Saturn is a nightmare. But for those who see crises as possibilities to grow, that time is difficult but powerful.

Saturn is a severe teacher. He cannot be tricked or fooled. If necessary he takes everything we are attached to away to show us the truth. Saturn hits our most sensitive and weak sides to show us the work we’ve been trying to escape.

For some people during its return Saturn causes troubles with work, for others — with relationship; it destroys career, reputation or brings about financial difficulties; it can create problems with law or a family tragedy; facilitates health issues or gives a child; Saturn return can catalyze Spiritual awakening, introduce us to dmt or meditation; it can give a life-changing relationship or push us away from home to travelling; or all these things at once.

The concrete manifestation of Satrun return crisis depends on the position of Saturn in the natal chart, its aspects and our level of consciousness.

For each of us it manifests differently, but what’s for sure — it’s the beginning of a new 30-years cycle of our life.
And that’s huge!

Saturn return crisis is like an ayahuasca ceremony. Great grief to those who do not know what they just drunk. A blessing for those who are aware and have kept diet before the ceremony.

Present moment is the source and the joystick of reality

“There’s no future!” — he exclaimed cuttingly. “The future is only a way of talking. For sorcerer there is only the here and now”

I’m asking for your attention.
Forgive me if I may sound pompous. What I wanna say sounds simple, but the meaning is huge. This is probably one of the most important knowledge I have which is simple to say but difficult to fully understand.

The past and the future exist only in the present time.

In other words nothing else except present moment exists.

When we think about the future, when we devise plans or dream about things which are gonna happen — we are in present moment. There is no future, only thoughts about future. And these thoughts are happening now.

When we remember something from the past, we deal not with the past but with our perception of the past, our memory. We do it in present moment.

It doesn’t matter if we remember the past or think about the future, we do it in present moment. Present moment is a place where the past and the future are located. Nowhere else.

Present moment is a place where everything starts and finishes. It’s the source and the joystick of reality.

This is the knowledge which almost all spiritual traditions I know try to share with us. This knowledge is essential for walking the spiritual path or creating a better life.

Take a moment and think about that. The past and the future don’t exist on their own, they exist only in the present.
Present moment is the key.

Transit astrology

We’ve talked a bit about general shape of 2021. It’s based on the current planets’ movement and shows a general weather forecast. But how can we see the ways weather affects us personally?

To see that we can take the chart of current sky and add our natal chart on the top. The connection between the current planet movement and the planets in our natal chart will show the way this year will be reflected in our personal life.

This method is called transit astrology.

For example, if the current Uranus makes a conjunction with our natal Mercury — it affects everything that is represented by Mercury — mentality, communication, all kinds of connections, learning, traveling, etc.

Uranus is a highly unpredictable planet that symbolizes instant insights short of insanity. So during this time we can expect increased mental activity, new outlook on old things, unexpected insights, complete change of views, high risk of transport accidents, extravagant communication or fateful meetings.

If we look at the houses where these planets located or rule, we can get even more precise information. And if we know that aspect can happen only once in life we can use it more consciously.

Transit astrology is a powerful tool.
We can see when the aspects start and when they finish, their effect and possible manifestation, what parts of life they touch. We can understand the fundamental energies which cause certain events to find out the solution and be prepared for a coming storm or for a window of opportunity.

Knowing a forecast can be very useful. Knowing how the weather affects you personally on a certain date is really wow!

My first astrological workshop

One year ago I made my first astrological workshop in Berlin. Thanks to Luca who helped me to organize it.

That workshop was an initiation for me. A new magical space was opened and new possibilities came to me, inviting to take a step forward. I got my first clients in Berlin, first experience in workshops and a month later I moved to Berlin.

It was the beginning of 2020.

The workshop itself was quite bad, to be honest. I wanted to teach the basics of astrology in one hour and somehow it didn’t sound crazy to me that time. My focus was on my own knowledge and I didn’t know yet that there is a difference between knowing something and being able to share the knowledge.

On my next workshops I improved my teaching skills, but I’m pretty sure that no one on that first meeting learnt anything about basics of astrology. But many people met with the astrology from first hands. For some of them astrology became a good friend and a helpful tool in that crazy 2020.

Later I realized that workshop wasn’t about learning, it was about the connection. And my role was to be an embassador of astrology. So that workshop was an initiation not only for me but for all of us.

The Astrology is a light itself and as an astrologer I just need to reflect this light. I don’t use astrology to help peope. I connect people with astrology so they can help themselves.

So the story that started about me appears to be not really about me. This story is about all of us who want to see more, to go deeper, to work with causes rather than effects, to understand the reasons and the astrology which helps us in that.


2021 will be almost as intense as 2020. But it may feel milder.

Let’s use symbolic language of numerology to understand the essence of these years.

2+0+2+0 = 4
First comes materialisation, a rigid form – very difficult, rough, intense, sharp, claustrophobic. An obstacle, but also an impulse for development.

2+0+2+1 = 5
Overcoming the inertness of matter (created by number 4), its enlivening. The first creative manifestation of the form. The ingenuity.

In 2021 we will work with all the mess that happened in 2020. There still will be many events but it’ll be more clear what to do and we’ll be able to breathe freely.


So, key topics: social, political and financial transformation, online reality.
2020 has launched a few important cycles. So now we can see the transformation itself.

👁Social movements, riots, revolutions won’t disappear in 2021. We’ll probably witness even more of the social and political instability.
Now a new shape of global order is being constructed.

👁Either a deep global financial crisis will begin in 2021 or some events leading to it will happen. Anyway, markets will be very unstable and finances will be one of the main topics this year.

Time to work on your personal financial culture and be prepared for the storm.

👁Online reality.
You might be tired to hear from me that the Internet is a new reality and therefore we should be very careful. Which in 2021 leaders will understand and start taking actions. We can expect the discussion on the fundamental basis of the Internet, attempts to cast onto it some legal form, deanonymization, processes against Internet monopolists.
The system starts to conquer the Online.

Time to finally begin learning how apps, Internet, cookies, etc work.
And get your cyber life in order.

👁Coronavirus will stop being the main subject in our life from the middle of the year. So we can expect re-opening borders and canceling restrictions.

In general 2021 is a year for creatively constructing a new world and your place in that world. The beginning, middle and the end of the year are going to be the most intense.

Social energy – money

Few days ago I wrote that it’s not possible to change anything in our lives without energy.

Now I want to talk about a very important type of energy which can make our lives either easier or more difficult: social energy, or – money.

Money is a difficult topic. There are so many emotions, feelings, perceptions and prejudices connected to money, that sometimes it’s difficult to separate money from anything else.

However, money itself is very simple and pure — all evil is added by our minds and desires.

In Astrology money is symbolized by Venus.
Do you know what else is symbolized by Venus?
Beauty, feelings, esthetics, art, ethics, partnership, social relationship, love.
And money.

Good company, isn’t it?

Venus is the answer to many difficulties we have with money. That’s why money is so deeply connected with our feelings and emotions.

We can have very different opinions about money, but one thing is clear — we need to have order in our financial life. We might have a lot of money or just enough for necessary needs. We might not have money at all and live in mountains. But we have to have it in order.

That means we shouldn’t be in minus, we shouldn’t have debts, we shouldn’t live at someone’s expense (without an agreement). We should earn money in a productive way. And everything else depends on our plans, ideas, wishes, possibilities, priorities, etc.

Later we will explore the topic of money from every level and we will use astrology to help us.

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Today is a special day — a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Air sign. This conjunction begins a new cycle in human history.

Our society will spend the next two hundred years in spirit of air element. The next two thousands years our world will live under the guidance of Aquarius.

Today is a symbolic day. Tomorrow we won’t wake up in a New reality. In all likelihood we will never wake up in a new reality, because seeing transformation from inside is quite problematic. But if we look back and compare our world nowadays even to 2019 — we will not only see the directions of future changes but already the changes themselves.

From today the speed of transformation increases. I think already in one year the world will look very differently compared to 2019.

The full transformation of the world’s style into Air will take around 20 years — the time Jupiter and Saturn need to meet again in the next conjunction.

Transformation is always intense, painful and hard. The Old world will fight with the New one. And this fight will be cruel. Jobs will be lost, many people will struggle. We will have a powerful and deep global economical crisis. Many people will die — a new wave of revolutions and riots is coming. Redistribution of power and property. New ideology and dogma will come to unite all humanity. What should we do if we disagree with that ideology — difficult to answer.

Many astrologers know the shape of a New world. They’ve known it since long before. But not a single astrologer can tell you whether we are going into a better world or not. Because we see the map, the shape, the image — but it’s up to us, to our level of consciousness which world we are going to build in that image.

The time for delegating power has passed. From this day forward we all have power. And we all are responsible for the world we live in. Everyone.

So let’s not waste time and let’s start creating a better world from today.
First mission — get your own life in order.

Gemini – Sagittarius opposition

In Zodiac circle Gemini is opposite to Sagittarius.

Gemini symbolizes information.
Sagittarius — energy.

Launching a spaceship is a great example of that pair of signs. To get a spaceship into space a lot of complex and precise calculations are required. Hundreds of engineers program a spaceship. But that’s not enough. A spaceship needs powerful engines, it needs energy.

All calculations aren’t worth anything without energy. A spaceship won’t move an inch. A spaceship without programming won’t reach the destination.

That’s what the opposition of Gemini and Sagittarius teaches us.

But we are bad students. Our civilization is too unbalanced towards Gemini. We learn a lot, we focus on information, but we simply forget about the other side of the scale — action.

We want to learn how to solve issue, we find out one solution, then another one, then yet another — we collect information but our issue is still there. Why? We know almost everything about our issue, why is it still there?

We know what to do but we forget to actually do that. A spaceship needs powerful engines to resist gravity. These engines need energy. To solve the issue, to change something in our lives we need not only to KNOW, we need to ACT. And for that we need energy.

We can learn everything. But nothing will be changed if we don’t have enough energy for that.

Energy is the foundation of our path. I ask you to realize that very well. We need to shift the balance of mindset from Gemini towards Sagittarius if we want to change something in our lives.

Later we will talk more about the energy, the way to control it, about different sources, etc.


That’s me, a bit tired of 2020 but still excited, looking at you from that photo.

My name is A.
I’m a practicing astrologer, which means I use astrology to solve problems. I consult people and speak only about the things I’ve tried on practice.

My path to astrology was long and not easy.
Astrology literally changed my life. From deep understanding of myself and the world around to practical tools which help to live more effectively, happily and successfully and always be one step ahead the fate.

Since astrology is so helpful to me and my surroundings I believe it could be helpful to everyone else.

That’s why I’ve created Sagittarius & Pluto — a space to introduce astrology to other people. To show that it’s a super-helpful tool, that everyone can use (and you don’t need to wear crystals, draw mandalas or sing mantras for that).

I share my knowledge, avoiding spiritual abrakadabra, because I believe astrology is much closer to science rather than superstitions and New Edge.

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Era of Aquarius

Everyone’s heard about the coming Era of Aquarius, which will last for the next 2000 years. Since it’s pretty much a long period, no one knows its exact arrival time. Some people have been waiting for it for the last 200 years.
But it seems to be coming now.

2020 is the year of entering another very important and quite long cycle — the Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, two planets which represent society, government, law, economics and many other things.

One cycle lasts approximately 200 years and is ruled by one of the four main elements. Since 1861 we’ve lived under the Earth element. And now comes the Air. So every part of life will quite radically change accordingly. The first signs of such changes are already evident nowadays: the Internet as a new reality, increasing value of information, social networks, remote work, etc.

Aquarius is an Air sign as well. That’s why many people think that the Era of Aquarius which is supposed to come very soon will come with the beginning of the Air Mutation, in other words — now.

Online becomes a new reality

As you remember, the time until the middle of November is good to put life in order, fix some issues of the past and prepare ourselves for the next round of global transformation. I especially recommend to focus your attention on your presence in the digital world.

Online becomes a new reality, sometimes even more important than our offline life.

Ten years ago the Internet was a fun place where we could choose funny nicknames and avatars, explore the possibilities of a new network with almost unlimited freedom. Now one wrong tweet can cost us a career or even physical freedom (hello, Russia!).

The Internet has transformed from a place of ultimate anonymity into one under strict surveillance. It’s a big village where everyone knows everything about everyone.

At the same time the importance of the Internet increases: it covers more and more of our lives. That’s not random. This process of moving into the Online is a part of the new Era and it won’t stop in the near future.

That’s why it’s very important to be aware of the rules of new reality. Now it’s a good time to learn more about this topic and put our Online life in order.

• Clean social media pages
Delete the wrong posts, check the friend list or followers, leave old groups, keep the subscriptions in order.
Keeping online life clean and organized becomes as necessary as keeping our home and work so.

• Learn more about cyber protection
VPN, password generators, etc.

2 factors – authorizations and long complex passwords (different for each service!), – should be as normal as locking our home doors. It’s better to start creating a new habit now rather than after someone steals our money or hacks emails with all our contacts and important information.

• Learn how the Internet works in general.
What do cookies mean? What is big data? Who can collect our personal data?

Personal data is a new currency. It’s better to be aware with whom we share it and how they use it.

• The most important: we should fully understand that the Internet is not fun anymore, it’s a brand new reality with its own rules. And our behavior there will fully affect all other parts of our life.

Have you noticed that many astrological posts look the same?

Have you noticed that many astrological posts look the same?

Full Moon in Virgo?

“Good time to clean your house and put life in order. Make a plan to complete all the tasks you have and pay attention to details. Don’t forget to take care of someone – because, you know, Virgo likes to care.”

I know it very well because I used to write the same type of posts before.
I will show you the secret, that’s not difficult.

For example, New Moon is in Libra.
Libra is about balance.
New Moon is a time for new projects.

Balance + new projects =

“New Moon is a good time to find a balance in starting new projects.”

The work is done. Astrological wisdom is shared.
Should they find balance in new projects when New Moon is in other signs or not, we won’t say. Of course one phrase is not enough to appear a professional astrologer. We have to add everything we know about the sign.

Libra is about partnership? Then let’s write how it’s important to find good partners in this New Moon. Libra also symbolizes diplomacy? Even better!

“Find a balance in starting new projects by working on your relationship with your partners.”

Wow! That’s already something.

Everyone knows that Libra is also about making choices. But very often Libras can be very indecisive, so we should balance it with Aries. We should write this as well.

“Find a balance in starting new projects by working on your relationship with your partners. You may be faced with a choice: analyze all pros and cons carefully (Libra is mental) but try to avoid indecision. If you don’t know what decision to make — activate your inner Aries.”


Now the followers can see our deep knowledge of Astrology. Maybe someone will even book a natal chart reading.

The last thing we are missing — questions!
Was this post helpful for you? What do you think about this type of astrological posts? Are you Libra? Do you like cacao?

Write your answer in comment.

Full Moon on Samhain

Today is a special Full Moon in every sense.
General world transformation, retrograde time, the fact that this is the second Full Moon in one month.

This Full Moon is difficult and intense. However, could it be otherwise in our time?
The Moon is in conjunction with Retrograde Uranus. Uranus is always about explosion, revolution, instant insight.
Such a connection will, of course, enhance the culmination of the Moon’s cycle.

The Full Moon is the peak of lunar energy. And on top of that peak this time is a nuclear reactor.

But more importantly, the Full Moon falls on Samhain, one of the Wheel-of-the-Year holidays. It has entered the Western culture as a Christian Halloween. But it was born before the Christians by the Pagan Celts, as a holiday of the end of the harvest.

Why are the ancient pagan holidays important today?
Historically, people lived in close connection with nature and celebrating the wheel of the year was a natural way to keep up with the Earth’s cycle. Holidays like Samhain or Ostara are the times of concluding vital stuff (such as sowing or harvesting).

After the industrial revolution, we lost this connection with nature.
With the advent of electricity, even the time of day no longer plays such a strong role in our lives, and even more so the season. Working at a computer does not have a sowing season. And the arrival of winter changes only our clothes and heating bill. Winter won’t bring an existential horror in case of lack of supplies nowadays.

Celebrating the wheel of the year today is an opportunity to synchronize with global flows and with the cycle of the Earth itself. It’s an opportunity to remember our roots and our connection with everything living on the planet.

Another opportunity to synchronize with the world is the Moon cycles. And today these possibilities meet together.

So I suggest to get away from all tasks and find time to be in the moment. To stop and hear the silence. And behind it, to hear ourselves. And the world around.

Nothing special needed, just attentive listening.

As we remember, now is the time to put things in order and prepare for a new life.
It is hard to think of a more powerful day for this.

What’s going on now or Full guide to current mini apocalypse

The time until middle of November is probably the most difficult one in 2020. The transformation we are going through can become too overwhelming and intense. At the same time this period opens great possibilities in self-healing and putting our life in order. We just need to know how to use it right.

So what’s going on now?

Quick answer.

We are entering a fundamentally new era in which all parts of life will be different for at least the next 200 years (but most probably 2000 years).
Right now and until the middle of November we have a chance to take a step back and fix our past in order to prepare ourselves for the future.

Entering New Era

Longer answer.

Everyone’s heard about the coming Era of Aquarius, which will last for the next 2000 years. Since it’s pretty much a long period, no one knows its exact arrival time. Some people have been waiting for it for the last 200 years.
But it seems to be coming now.

2020 is the year of entering another very important and quite long cycle — the Mutation cycle of Jupiter and Saturn, two planets which represent society, government, law, economics and many other things.
One cycle lasts approximately 200 years and is ruled by one of the four main elements. Since 1861 we’ve lived under the Earth element. And now comes the Air. So every part of life will quite radically change accordingly. The first signs of such changes are already evident nowadays: the Internet as a new reality, increasing value of information, social networks, remote work, etc.

Aquarius is an Air sign as well. That’s why many people think that the Era of Aquarius which is supposed to come very soon will come with the beginning of the Air Mutation, in other words — now.

Attention! Retrograde Time

Mercury and Mars are retrograde now.
There are many fears, prejudices and myths about retrograde planets. Some people expect it with dread, others ignore it.

Retrograde is a normal part of planets’ cycles. Most of the time planets move directly: we live, we get new experiences, we start something new, we learn new things, we try different stuff. All in all, life goes on. But a constant forward moving is impossible, we need a break sometimes. Retrograde movement of planets is exactly this break, a time when we take a step back, get some rest and let the accumulated experience sink in.

We shouldn’t be afraid of it, but be aware. If we do things right, Retrograde part of the planet’s cycle can be very productive and beneficial. But if we just ignore it, retrograde time can bring many troubles to our lives.

What to expect?

  • During retrograde period we can experience flashbacks to the past, setbacks to the starting points, repeating patterns.
  • Problems with health, physical tonus, aktivity. Risk of injury.
  • Difficulties with work, delays with payment, troubles with budget, bureaucracy.
  • Uneasy communication
  • Transportation errors with planes, trains, buses; traffic jams.
  • Malfunctioning of devices and electronics.
  • All sorts of organizational obstacles.
  • Issues with selling or buying things, especially with gadgets.
  • A lot of misunderstanding

What better to avoid?

  • Better put off new beginnings until the middle of November. Do not plan, launch or update. Failures, necessary adjustments and restarts are highly probable. Now is not the time for anything new.
  • Better not argue, and even if an argument happens, settle things without fighting, shouting and hysteria. Staying calm is especially important during this time.
  • Hold back on expensive purchases, especially electronics.
  • Don’t strike deals, nor sign important contracts.

How to stop worrying and love retrograde time?

Take a step back and look around.

Where are we going? What path? In what state? With whom? What are we carrying? Do we really need it? Are we moving in the right direction anyway? We are at the fundamental turning point of epochs. The world is changing irretrievably. It is an incredible opportunity for us to change as well. We’ve got till the middle of November to reevaluate our lives, glance back, look forward and think hard.

Set life in order.

Mars and Mercury are moving backwards. Since new beginnings are not for now anyway, the time couldn’t be better for finishing every unfinished business. To set things in the darkest corners inside ourselves in order.

  1. Deal with finances. Count the budget. Get the expenses under control and analyze the income. If we are not satisfied financially, think about a way to broaden your financial stream. Rethink personal financial management.
  2. Put our work in order. End ongoing projects, complete everything incomplete. Finish the started or leave it behind without ever looking back. Think about profession. Is that what we want to do in life?
  3. Organize our social network and the Internet activity.
    Delete useless accounts and subscriptions, clear chat, posts and publication history. Change passwords.
  4. Direct our attention to health, diet, physical activity and sleep. Do we move enough, do we eat well? How do we feel? Does anything feel off?
  5. Understand ourselves (easier said than done): to let go what is leaving, to accept what is coming.
    Yep, that last one is the trickiest.

As told before, retrograde time brings about the possibility of slipping down, setbacks and revisiting the past. Noticing these things and listening to the messages we are trying to tell ourselves is very important. What bothers us? Inside of us what tries to pick our attention?
And remember, that the main point of this period is that we now in our present configuration can go back to understand and solve things that we couldn’t understand and solve back then, being in our old configuration without the new experience and knowledge we have now.

Rest and let all accumulated experience sink in.

Yes, taking a break, while the skies bring forth one difficult aspect after another, is hard. But if we’ve got no strength left whatsoever, nothing gets done and nothing is wanted — let’s set everything aside and just be. Forget about all the checklists, plans, ideas and tasks. Get under a blankie and drink cocoa. As we remember, nothing new will take hold now. The world won’t go far, leaving us behind, we won’t miss anything.

As a certain sound healer likes to say: no stress.

Astrology was born out of observation

Astrology was born out of observation of stars. Our ancestors looked at the sky and noticed a connection between their lives and stars.

The way we learn astrology now is way different. We look at mobile screens instead of stars. We read what we shouldn’t do at retrograde Mercury but we don’t understand why it comes so often. We know that Sagittarius is positive and Cancer is sensitive but do we really know what it means? We try to learn astrology mentally.
“New Moon in Virgo is a time for making order in your life...”
But where is the space for observation? For essential understanding of deep processes?

Astrology is an incredibly powerful language for describing very subtle parts of our world. But will we learn this language by repeating someone else’s words?

Astrology is difficult. We can’t avoid learning the system by books. But we need to make space for our own observations, to really understand it, not just know it mentally.

New Moon in Virgo? Great.
How do you feel it? Have you noticed any changes in your body or mental state? Do you feel more energetic compared to last few days?

Find a few minutes to listen to yourself. Do not meditate, simply observe. Your feelings, your thoughts, your state, your surroundings. Continue your observations until the Full Moon and then till the last quarter, and then till the next New Moon. And the New Moon after that.

The knowledge you can get from that observation is much more helpful than reading another post about “detailed New Moon in Virgo” or “active Full Moon in Aries”.

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New Moon

New Moon is the beginning of a Moon cycle.

Astrologically New Moon means a conjunction between Moon and Sun, an aspect when two planets occupy the same place in Zodiac circle. Conjunction is one of the most powerful aspects. It can be represented by number 1, the creative principle of the Universe, pure creativity, an explosion without possibility to predict the result.

Two luminaries, our most personal planets which represent subconscious and will, merge together to explode and give birth to a new cycle.

New Moon is the beginning of a Moon cycle, which lasts 29.5 days. It’s the birth of the Moon, ample of fresh energy. It’s a beginning, restart, creation, explosion. Old energy’s released – and we recharge with new forces for a new round. Great time to abandon everything outdated and start new projects, habits or undertakings.

New Moon is that “next Monday” we wait for to start a new life.

Fluidity of life

All magic begins with genuine understanding of fluidity of life.
We live in a world that looks stable. We see material objects that physically exist, we can interact with them because we physically exist too. We don’t know any other life beyond our bodies and our experiences.
But that’s false.

The stable material reality we see around that proves to us that we exist, that we are separate from each other is an illusion.

There is nothing stable in that world. Because there is no such thing as “that” world.
Everything is changing, everything is going through transformation every single moment of life. If you don’t believe that, ask Water signs – they know something about the endless transformation.

Everything we see will disappear, everyone we know will die. We will die too. Maybe already today or tomorrow. The world we know is an infinite never-ending stream of transformation. So the only way to move together with the world is to truly understand the fluid nature of life. And be fluent as much as possible. Do not be ready for changes and transformations, but be changes and transformations ourselves.

This is the point where magic begins.

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