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Few points about retrograde Mercury

Yesterday we’ve made a webinar about retrograde Mercury.
Few points shortly.

Retrograde Mercury is a part of a Mercury cycle. We shouldn’t be afraid, but should be aware.
We follow our path when Mercury is normal, experience new things, manifest ourselves, start something new. And then we make one step back when Mercury is retrograde to reflect on all new experience we’ve got, to observe where we are and what direction we go in.

👁 We can experience troubles in communication, studying, transport, buying/selling, organizational questions, gadgets and technology, contracts, traveling.

👁 We can expect a lot of misunderstandings, inconsistency, repeating patterns, situations from the past.

👁It’s better to not start any new projects, begin new job, sign a contract, buy new phone, make plans, book a flight, etc.

👁It’s a good time for self-reflection, finishing old tasks, realizing new experience, solving issues from the past, having a rest.