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Pisces time

Pisces is very crowded in the sky right now: there is a stellium (i.e. multiple conjunction) of Neptune, Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury

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Understanding astrological symbolism in a volumetric way

Astrology is a language, a very special language. Each symbol, like a hieroglyph, has a very broad meaning, which is clarified in the context

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Astro Forecast: Mercury turns retrograde

So all traditional Mercurian themes like communication, learning, moving/travelling, contracting, shopping, everything digital and technology have an increased risk of accidents

My Saturn

The position of Saturn in your natal chart indicates an area in which you can (or are supposed to) become an expert

Sagipludiction 2022

Until May, Jupiter goes through its home, Pisces, and conjuncts with Neptune there. It is a very intimate, internal, psychological, if not say spiritual time

2021: result

I am not a Mundane Astrologer and unfortunately cannot yet give accurate interpretations in the context of world processes

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Chiron – Trine – Mars

“It is impossible to overcome passion, aggression, and ignorance with a long face. We have to cheer up

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Retrograde Venus conj. Pluto

Venus turns retrograde today and will remain so through January 28, creating few more Conjunction aspects to Pluto

Yule 2021: the most magical and mystical time of year

Immediately after the Full Moon, tomorrow – December 20-21 – we celebrate Yule and the Winter Solstice

Full Moon which opens a portal

This time creates favorable conditions to think about your life path and to reflect on the balance of Global and Local in your life

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Personality in Astrology

In Astrology personality is understood as a filter between our inner world and outer reality. It’s some kind of glasses or a lens which color everything we see in specific individual colors

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About retrograde Mercury

I used to collect people’s stories about retrograde Mercury time: what happens, how they feel, what issues or challenges they have, their experience

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Beginning a discipleship

Last week we celebrated Equinox – the entering of dark half of the year, when night is longer than day. It’s a good time to make a cup of tea and sum up everything that happened during the last half of the year

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Basic points about Astrology

Nowadays we can find more and more information about Astrology on the Internet. But before going deep into the topic it can be useful to know some basics about that system to avoid misunderstanding

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The Crisis of Saturn return

I will have a Saturn return soon and I see how this topic becomes actual for my clients too...

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Transit astrology

Transit astrology is a powerful tool. We can see when the aspects start and when they finish, their effect and possible manifestation, what parts of life they touch. We can understand the fundamental energies which cause certain events to find out the solution and be prepared for a coming storm or for a window of opportunity.

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My first astrological workshop

One year ago I made my first astrological workshop in Berlin. Thanks to Luca who helped me to organize it

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2021 will be almost as intense as 2020. But it may feel milder

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Social energy – money

Few days ago I wrote that it’s not possible to change anything in our lives without energy

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Today is a special day — a conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, Air sign. This conjunction begins a new cycle in human history

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