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Retrograde Mercury & target ad campaign

A client of mine was launching a new project. They started a target ad campaign to increase traffic for their new product

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Astro Forecast: Mercury turns retrograde

So all traditional Mercurian themes like communication, learning, moving/travelling, contracting, shopping, everything digital and technology have an increased risk of accidents

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About retrograde Mercury

I used to collect people’s stories about retrograde Mercury time: what happens, how they feel, what issues or challenges they have, their experience

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What’s going on now or Full guide to current mini apocalypse

The time until middle of November is probably the most difficult one in 2020. The transformation we are going through can become too overwhelming and intense

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Few points about retrograde Mercury

👁 We can experience troubles in communication, studying, transport, buying/selling, organizational questions, gadgets and technology, contracts, traveling

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