Astrology of Aquarius Era
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Astroforecasts for Taurus season 2022

A new series of astroforecasts as part of the Great Astrological Journey, in which the Sun as a big cosmic clock is counting down the Zodiacal time

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Desacralization of Pisces

I think many have noticed the development of Spiritualism, Esotericism, Astrology, Psychology, Healing, Divination, etc

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Astro Forecast: Mercury turns retrograde

So all traditional Mercurian themes like communication, learning, moving/travelling, contracting, shopping, everything digital and technology have an increased risk of accidents

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Sagipludiction 2022

Until May, Jupiter goes through its home, Pisces, and conjuncts with Neptune there. It is a very intimate, internal, psychological, if not say spiritual time

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2021: result

I am not a Mundane Astrologer and unfortunately cannot yet give accurate interpretations in the context of world processes

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Chiron – Trine – Mars

“It is impossible to overcome passion, aggression, and ignorance with a long face. We have to cheer up

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Retrograde Venus conj. Pluto

Venus turns retrograde today and will remain so through January 28, creating few more Conjunction aspects to Pluto

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Transit astrology

Transit astrology is a powerful tool. We can see when the aspects start and when they finish, their effect and possible manifestation, what parts of life they touch. We can understand the fundamental energies which cause certain events to find out the solution and be prepared for a coming storm or for a window of opportunity.

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